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Are You Ready?
Approaching the Jacob Project

Becoming Engaged:
Approaching Rosh Chodesh

What's Possible?
Approaching Shabbat

What Moves You?
Approaching Social Action

What's Missing?
Approaching Yom Kippur

Are We There Yet?
Approaching Sukkot

Meaningful Media:
Approaching Torah

Lands of Milk and Honey:
A Jewish Approach
to Thanks...giving

Celebrating Our Year Together

Our Movement's Principles:
Approaching Reform

Chosen for What?
Approaching Passover

God, Science, and
Living with Uncertainty

It's Your Choice:
Approaching Shavuot

Celebrating Our Year Together!

The Jacob Project is a year of lay-led discussions and celebrations for Micah members in their 20s and 30s, their Jewish or non-Jewish partners, and people considering conversion. You’ve been reading in the Messenger since the Project’s inception (June 2005) about our discussions, but the celebrations we’ve had are also worthy of press coverage!

Rosh Chodesh in July
The Micah patio was our exquisite “dining room under the stars.” Someone brought a beautiful candle-lighting ritual, which we performed, followed by the Shehecheyanu, meaningful conversation, a candlelight potluck feast with wine, and a few relevant poems, read aloud. Several people brought cans for the food bank. Everyone helped clean up. It was a truly magical Micah evening.

Shabbat Dinner
The Blackford family welcomed us into their home and provided a warm and beautiful setting (not to mention challah and lasagna) in which we welcomed Shabbat with candles, blessings, and excellent company. We miraculously managed to gather everyone around one VERY long table spanning two rooms!

Torah Exploring Under the Stars
Rachel Tawil Kenyon led us in our first discussion of the weekly Torah portion on the Micah Patio on this breezy but balmy November evening… enlightening and exquisite!

Candlelight BYOBrown-Bag Dinner
Great company, perfect weather, wine, sparkling grape juice, and a little Talmud in the Micah Sukkah, as we discussed this year’s lulav shortage in light of our obligation to “beautify the mitzvot".

We joined with the rest of Micah in helping clean, paint, and make repairs to the homes of elderly, disabled, and impoverished families in the St Luke’s neighborhood.

Havdalah, Potluck Dinner, & Conversation
with Rabbi Remson

We gathered again at the Blackfords’ home to share our thoughts, visions, and ideas about Micah. Michael Ochs brought his guitar so we could enjoy a musical havdalah service, followed by a potluck feast and birkat hamazon.

There’s more in store! Upcoming discussions and celebrations:

  • Tu B'Shevat Celebration
  • Discussion: “Chosen for What? Approaching Passover? – Approaching Passover”
  • Discussion: “Science, God, and Living with Uncertainty - Approaching Yom HaShoah”
  • Israel
  • Exploring Torah
  • Shavuot Sunrise Hike
  • Discussion: “It's Your Choice - Approaching Shavuot & the Culmination of The Jacob Project”

Cost of admission: One can for the food bank.

If you’d like to join us, please contact me at TheJacobProject@yahoo.com or 385-5423.

To read about past discussions, preview upcoming ones, or learn more about the project in general, please visit www.JacobProject.org

--Nickie Roberts

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